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Arctic Center aims to develop Tromsø into a complete winter sports destination based on alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and backcountry ski touring including summit ski climbs. Moreover, Arctic Center has a huge potential for year-round operation with its own activities combined with activities offered by partners.

The establishment of a year-round destination in Håkøybotn will turn Tromsø into an international winter destination, whereby air traffic direct from the source markets to Tromsø will play a key role in creating a large volume of foreign tourists.

Estimated equity capital of NOK 100 – 150 million will be required to implement the necessary investments in the first phase.
The alpine skiing component will focus on slopes for the general public, but it will be possible to integrate competition trails for sporting purposes into the concept.

Over and above the sporting component of the ski slopes, Arctic Center will be in a position to seek for venture capital for investment in buildings and infrastructure.

Private actors in Tromsø are expected to invest in the potential that lies in the development of the hotel area, an alpine village and cabin field.
A realisation of Arctic Center will be an urban development project as well as a tourism project. It will make Tromsø a more attractive place to live, as well as raise the tourism industry one step further to becoming a complete year-round destination for tourists in search of exotic adventures.

Consequently, we are seeking partners and investors who see a potential in the tourism industry in Tromsø and in the region’s fastest growing city, preferably ones with experience in developing alpine destinations and with the development of ski resorts or tourism complexes.


The local market in the Tromsø region comprises 120,000 residents, who live within a 200 km of Tromsø. In addition, during the university semesters there are approximately 10,000 students in Tromsø. Based on data from other Norwegian ski resorts and Ecosign’s data, there is reason to believe that it will be possible to sell 150,000 ski days, generating a lift pass turnover of NOK 40 million.

Arctic Center be highly competitive on the international market in terms of accessibility, price and exotic experiences. Package deals on week-long stays, where Arctic Center is the base for its own activities as well as activities provided by others, will be able to attract tourists from a number of markets. The airport has an excellent strategic location near downtown Tromsø and just a 15-minute drive from Håkøybotn. Direct flights from Europe can reach Tromsø within 3-4 hours. After realization of the hotel and alpine village, the potential for international traffic to Tromsø and Arctic Center should be approximately 30,000 tourists annually.


A resource that is steadily diminishing as the earth becomes warmer, valueless as it is in liquid form. The ski resorts in the alps are particularly vulnerable. Consequently, the scene is set for Northern Norway to be the new winter sports mecca. If we think big and get ready, we can fly down the slopes.”

Jan-Gunnar Winther
Former director
Norwegian Polar Institute


The zoning plan covers an area of 800 hectares stretching from the foot of Lille Blåmann and up to the mountain’s highest point (844 m above sea level). This plan includes alpine slopes. Ski lifts and a 15-hectre hotel site. The detailed zoning plan and provisions of the plan were adopted by the Municipality of Tromsø in June 2008. In June 2013 a development agreement was signed between the Municipality of Tromsø, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and Arctic Center. The objective of this agreement is to ensure that the area is developed in line with the zoning plan and to clarify the coverage of costs related to public facilities.

Arctic Center has applied for the rezoning of a 40-hectare site below the proposed ski resort as a cabin field.


Proximity to Tromsø and Tromsø Airport is essential in order for Arctic Centre to be accessible to the local market and tourists. The drive from downtown Tromsø to Håkøybotn takes just 20 minutes, while reaching the airport from Håkøybotn takes under 15 minutes.
It will take just over three hours to travel to Arctic Center from downtown Oslo. For residents of major European cities such as Munich, Paris or London, it will be possible to travel from their home to Arctic Centre in 6-7 hours using charter flights.

When you compare this with other winter sports destinations in Europe, it will be a short distance to far away.


The following partners cover the subject areas required to plan the destination:

  • iHuga Arcitectse (Oslo / Bilbao) / Ecosign (Whistler): Preparation of a feasibility study related to zoning plan 906
  • Arkitektkontoret Amundsen (Tromsø): Rezoning of a 49-hectare cabin field
  • Trova AS  (Tromsø): Advisory engineer, water, wastewater, electrical and roads.

Arctic Center AS

Organisation number: 944 394 680
Number of shares (as of April 2024): 69.523 á NOK 500
Share capital: NOK 34.761 500

Chair of the Board: Geir Solheim
Board members: Kristian Wilhelmsen, Maja Wilhelmsen, Mats Sæverud, Roald Skogvik, Vidleiv Johansen, Frank Wilhelmsen, Aksel Roald Skogvik and Jannike Lauritsen
General Manager: Erik Joachimsen


Berner Consult AS (Knut Wilhelmsen)
Triko Holding AS (Gunnar Wilhelmsen)
Roald Skogvik
Jarle Lauritsen
Vidleiv Johansen
Other shareholders

Total 69.523 stocks, NOK 500 each

Share capital per April 2024: NOK 34.761.500